Sunday, April 23, 2006

Introduction to Windows Workstation Foundation (WF)

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Consider a process like “Complain Management System”, where you need to get the customer complains through a Web site or a published for Phone no. Internal employer should be appointed to act upon complains and take the necessary actions. A Manager should review the employer actions and then get back to the customer.

Typical organization wants to implement many processors like this and monitor the progress of them.

Some elements are human processes and some are System process if you take a look at the above ( e.g Customer needs to enter the complain through a website is Human responsibility and authenticate customer in to the system is System responsibility.)

You can find hundreds of processes like this in your day to day work environment. Do you have a facility to setup something like this using MS Office or other available software?This is where the up coming Windows Work Flow (WF) comes in to place. WF will be an Application development framework to design applications to setup work flow in your organization and a user friendly integrated set of tools with next
Office Suite (V12).

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Mapping Data Provider Data Types

[.NET 2.0 Data Access]

We recommend that you use the typed accessor methods of the DataReader when you know the specific type of the value being returned. Typed accessor methods result in better performance by returning a value as a specific .NET Framework type, eliminating the need for additional type conversion. The SqlDataReader exposes SQL Server–specific typed accessor methods if a .NET Framework type does not meet the needs of the application. SQL Server–specific typed accessor methods return objects of System.Data.SqlTypes.” -- local MSDN

Above lines are extracted from MSDN which confirms that you should use accessors to read the data out of data readers and it will result better performance since it eliminates type casting. Further MSDN describes the getter names which you should use in SQL and Oracle provides for specific data type. So better to read section “Mapping Data Provider Data Types to .NET Framework Data Types” before reading values from datareaders.