Monday, August 13, 2007

Popularity of programming languages

According to the following blog post Java still is the most popular programming language. Its hard to believe that C# only has 3.9% popularity among other languages.

For some time now, Tiber has published on a monthly basis its so-called Programming Community index, measuring the popularity of programming languages. It uses search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo to calculate the ratings based on the number of available skilled professionals, courses and third party vendors.

The methodology is not without flaws, but the general results are widely acceptable.

The dominance of the C family of programming languages and Java is apparent, and this has not changed at all.

Java is first with 21.8%, but if C (15.7%) and C++ (10.1%) are combined, they would overtake Java.

C is notable, because many other languages including Java are actually derived from it, and other languages including Ruby, Luna, Python, etc are implemented in C.

If a young aspiring programmer wants to seriously do programming, I would recommend C.
However if the person wants to develop business applications, then Java or .Net would be the choice.

VB (VB, VBA, Vibe.Net) has 10.6% about the same share as C++. Then comes PHP (9.7%) and Perl (5.3%), followed by C# (3.9%).

The three P's PHP, Perl and Python (2.7%) have not changed much over the years.

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