Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Write once – Run in any OS……

Seems likes a dream. But California-based startup plans to release an application that will allow Windows, Mac, and Linux users run Linux binaries without any modifications. Check out this intro video.

You can find out more @ http://www.openlina.com/


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Linux GUI Application Development

It just came to my mind to look for the best cross-platform GUI application development on the web. So I started to find available options on the web. There was some love for Linux

deep in my mind from the days I stated programming. Actually it’s after I moved from VB 6 to mature OO development frameworks like .NET and JAVA. I tried some samples on Mono platform but I was not that convinced with the development tools available on Linux. Glade and Mono was not been convincing enough to do a commercial projects. Though I found a very successful implementation for healthcare industry called OpenVista and many other products.

“Linux GUI Application Development for Windows How do you get started?” by Anthony Barker gives a very good starting point to evaluate Linux GUI application platforms even though it was written on 2002. I finally decided that wxPython is the best solution form the information I found. You can get some idea of wxPython by referring to ShowMeDo.com videos. Further the best IDE that people were referring was wxDesigner. It is not a free IDE, but it is best developed so far and even it supports C# bindings.

I’m not an expert when it comes to Linux based Application development. This is what I have found from my own research. If you are an expert on the subject please guide me to choose the rite path on Linux GUI application development. I’m looking forward to check these platforms and tools in the future.